This was after I installed the ‘linux-backports-modules-intrepid’ package from within Synaptic I think package source is in Ubuntu installer CD and rebooted, as per this thread: Posted November 11, I have no problems with the driver in XP. After i rebooted the laptop, then i went to the router setup program to make sure of the wireless settings. Posted November 6, edited.

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Windows 7 has been in beta testing for a very long time and Atheros had plenty of time to prep a compatible driver and make it available to oems and end users. I recently updated my pc to win7 32bit.

Sign in to vote. I haven’t tried it in Vista, but I do have a copy I could test it in if I make another partiton of my hard drive to test it out on.

I think I found his original driver on smc’s website. Would be great if someone out there could give me a hand at this.

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

If you ask why I am using 5GHZ in the. I know that in Windows, the wireless card is switched on via software WButton. With my computer, there’s a wireless switch cum LED at the front panel. From the forum threads I’ve researched thus far, people have always associated the LED failing to light up with their non-functioning wireless connections.


Sadly that makes no difference. Join Date Nov Beans 3.

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

In the RCs you could enable test signing mode and disable integrity checks to use whatever driver you wanted. Just to be sure I read you right, after you having read me right: Could that be the reason why the unmodified driver failed to work???

I’m very new to linux, I installed Ubuntu 8. I’m using all sorts of unsigned drivers on Win7 x As far as I know this wireless card is only used in certain models of Acer laptops. I wish to know what laptop make and model you have, and what wireless chipset? Of course I have no idea if it’s possible, but thanks for checking it out.

SMCWPCI-G Wireless adapter is not being detected by Windows 7×64 Build

Willing to help as far as my limited knowledge goes Well I have just checked my desktop and it a libertas 88w from Marvell Technology Group. But yes I already disabled that function. I found my wireless adapter driver, enabled it. Today I was fiddling around with the drivers from here ETSI Europe has a limit of 20dBm onalthough individual countries could add further restrictions.


I restarted the computer and then clicked on the network icon, windoas to my wireless, entered the encryption mode my router uses, the password and the mode for the encryption. A driver that lacks a valid digital signature, or was altered after it was signed, can’t be installed on bit versions of Windows.

Wireless drivers for “Askey AR5BMB5” or “Atheros AR5005G” (AR2413A based)

Saturday, October 16, 3: November 22nd, 6. Same situation with Windows 7 x86 Build RC and this PCI wireless adapter althought there was no compatibility pb detected by the Microsoft Windows 7 compatibility test before. The only downside atheross i’m aware of is that you won’t be able to search for available wireless broadcasts, but then if you’re not roaming it shouldn’t matter.

Thanks a lot, SMC.

Prev 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Next Page 14 of I’ve been able to make the wireless network configurator appear in my network configuration tool no sign of life though.