Select this new port. Krok za krokem 1. Nedari se mi to Rad bych, bohuzel ted k tomu vic nereknu – nestiham a nemam od ET informace ktere bych potreboval. I cannot install it too i mean the modem. I have tried this several times, and also tried to reinstall the driver but the outcome is the same – no new port is detected it ought to be called “AnyData CDMA products” according to the manual. Navrch po roce pouzivani je batereje uz v haji.

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I still have no sucess with the modem.

Andrzej Kozlowski I can’t write in Czech, but I see that English is acceptable here and probably more than Adh would be ;- I have a very similar problem with a slightly different modem: Select this new port.

Chtel bych prejit na novy modem, abych nemusel porad sebou tahat nabijecku a kable. Final Cut Express 4 1. Apple iPhone v praxi 2. It will keep retrying.


To je ale opet k nicemu protoze modem zacne brat energii z PB coz opet vybiji baterii v PB. Mac pro muzikanty OSX can see the device but it doesn’t recognize it as a new port.

Information for you

A teraz po polsku. It doesn’t show up on the device list. Mac OS X Any other advice is more than welcome!

However, it is not recognised as a new port. You will see message “New Port Detected” 6.

Anydata unlock SPC MSL code, ESN MEID IMEI repair. CDMA Tool

There exists firmware supporting this modem. S I still have no sucess with the modem. Nedari se mi to Krok za krokem 1. NOT selected “Send echo packets” Modem: Verizon Support PC 7. If it’s not working on PC then they have to give you replacement unit without argues.

On Mon, July 16, So finally it seems I have exhauseted all my options. So, i’m affraid, that i can’t help you: Programujeme v Cocoa 3. Tvorba her v DelphiX Apple Aperture 3 6.


Psal jste neco i ohledne signalizace urovne signalu. I went to Eurotel today and they told me that I anydxta use the modem with an Apple computer.

AnyDATA | Komachine

The only option I have open to me if I want to get the modem working is to buy a PC! Hry pro Mac OS X In anycase, whatever I try I cannot get the system to recognise the device as a new port.

Ich hatte daselbe Problem!!!