Operation is fast and stable. While Microsoft Windows is the operating system installed on most netbooks, Linux offers signifigant performance and security advantages over Windows. Then Review the latest Installation Information and then obtain the following software and hardware in preparation for installing Ubuntu Netbook Edition: This lines up with a screw underneath the RAM, which is in an access panel on the bottom side of the unit. Or maybe they don’t want to answer support calls from noobs who are trying to fix their own PCs.

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Althought my Question was only involving desktop managers like gdm lightdm, i think i haven’t fixed any hardware acceleration.

[ubuntu] asus n ion 2 support

Some output from various tools to examine hardware attributes follow. The screen on this thing is gorgeous. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: October 15th, 2. Figured that Asus, the company that invented the Linux netbook, would be a good pick. I sent three emails over three months trying to get a response from ASUS, but in the end, they just told me to call technical support.

You should get the sides and top of the keyboard plate to pop off, but the bottom will stay firm. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting pictures here of how to disassemble this laptop as a big “kiss off” to Asus, who apparently doesn’t want you non-“professionals” to know how to efe the hardware you own.


I informed tech support of the current problems, and ;c very politely informed that they do libux support Linux, and that all the PCs shipped with Windows. Post as a guest Name. After getting pf replacement and upgrading to Ubuntu Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

This was the crap I was worried about. I look around; there’s no such thing on the n.

Sign up using Facebook. He explained that lunux was not possible to send me the part. Has anybody tried enabling the nVidia drivers with any success? Then I placed the tinned wire onto all the pins, and heated it with a soldering iron.

February 2nd, 8. I just noticed that NVidia released new display drivers for Linux 32bit on Most things work perfectly right away including wireless with broadcom driver.

I’ve been a big Nvidia supporter over the years, but after they’ve decided to leave Linux users high-and-dry in this generation, I’m not 1251n I’ll continue to be in their corner.

Since that would take a long time, and I would probably end up paying for the repair since I had already opened the laptop even asue it’s what the repair shop would have had to do to fix it anywayI explained to him that I’d prefer to just have the replacement part shipped. Join Date Sep Beans 3.


Eee PC 1215N with Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Maybe I should call this kind of bigotry OSism along the lines of sexism and racism. I fixed the Makefile 121n5 shipped them the fix. Link to an ‘official’ thread on some NV forum. So I’m guessing the power jack has come loose from the mainboard.

It appeared to just die at some point during the installation.

It enables the Fee chipset, and causes a blank screen when Gnome starts. I bent a very thick piece of copper wire in the right shape to touch all the pins at once, and tinned it with solder. It looks like the ION2 itself may work with Linux, but it is unclear if it will work at all in this specific laptop due to the NV Optimus crap.

How do I do it? Get a system from ZaReason or System76 instead; these vendors will not treat you like a second-class citizen.