The copy times, in seconds, are then converted into Megabits per second Mb to provide a convenient means of comparing throughput. Therefore, to harp on a figure that has generally been more a marketing tool as was ATA than a real necessity says little of the real issues at hand. Log in Don’t have an account? Furthermore, the other significant feature of SATA II – NCQ – is of virtually zero relevance to most users, unless one is using the board in a corporate server; not impossible, but not likely either. Higher Rates therefore mean better performance.

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Sorry I dont know about the relation between p4 and HDD.

The drive was formatted before each test run and a composite average of 5 tests on each controller interface was tabulated in order to ensure consistency in the benchmark. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

USB and Disk Controller Performance – Asus A8RMVP Deluxe: First ATI RD

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Furthermore, the provides 4 SATA ports for maximum expansion capability – there is no 4-port version of the as you alluded to in the review – not yet anyway. So if youare looking for speed and stability new hard disks willgive you more storage but probably not alot more speed whereas win 7 64 or linux will give speed as they make better use of speeding up data transfer using all the resources and not just half as in 32!


I think but haven’t checked got the same machine. You may well be right about having a truckload of s to get rid off, so that’s likely a factor too. Have something to ubs to this discussion?

Ati Sb450 Usb 2.0 Controller on Acer Aspire 5102

You might find that your computer is able to support an installation of 4 GB memory. Our results are then consistent over many test runs.

Can I add a graphics card to this system? I think you can install as much as u like: It goes like the wind and is much more stable. Board engineers would know how best to design around it – what special requirements signal integrity, trace lengths, coupling etcif any, need to be sv450 in, how the controller performs and behaves and so on. Yes you have got pcie slot on your board you can add any latest graphics card, but only one. The zb450 is to measure the performance of a hard drive controller usn a consistent hard drive.

Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. Somebody told me p4 won’t take GB well 3. The hard drive is kept as consistent as possible while varying the hard drive controller.

It already has onboard graphics. Wonder how long it’ll be before they get them and the prices drop. Board Layout Basic Features: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. This number is meaningless as far as hard disk performance is concerned as it is just the number of IO operations completed in a second.


I upgraded memory to 3 gig and then went win 7 32 and then 64 bit. Atu in Don’t have an account? This will likely change after the introduction of the updated ATI SB, which is expected to arrive around June of this year.

The copy times, in seconds, are then converted into Megabits per second Mb to provide a convenient means of comparing throughput. Higher Rates therefore mean better performance.

Log sb45 Don’t have an account? In return, using the Sil means using a tried and tested product whose characteristics are very well known by now. Generally a review well done!

DFI CFX3200-DR: ATI RD580 Tweak Attack

In order to usbb the data more understandable, we report the scores as an average number of IO operations per second so that higher scores translate into better performance.

That would satisfy enthusiasts of all levels, from the mad hatters down to the ones who are just starting out. However, the scores are useful for comparing “pure” performance of the storage controllers in this case.