October 16, , Frequency response plot for L69AW. I calculated the internal volume of the Auratones to be 2. Big thanks to Jochen Gros for sharing the wood joints Flexible Stream! In my case, I get to send greets to Andy: Breaking from my norm of writing multiple work stage posts, I decided to try rolling everything to a single post.

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Surface grain visible up close. I could not find the loudspeaker anywhere else. Dave P’s Auratone project made the Sound on Sound!

I first needed to find the frequency response of the Auratones to find a matching loudspeaker. Find something Search for: Different solution to a similar problem: I calculated the internal volume of the Auratones to be 2.

DIY Auratone Complete!

Blog Statshits. For the side part, I ended up with the following design after a couple of revisions:. Not pretty but who cares. Anyway, I worked around the problem using the quick hack pictured above.

Davetone mixcubes | My Diy Blog

Thanks for making it possible when times were good! These terminals were just something which I happened to have a pair off. Started by Sender Drawing Board. February 16, One question, the original cabinets were made with chipboard from what I read.


To make them a little less so, I ended up chipping away miniscule amounts of wood from the sides of some tenons. No better suggestions than knowing someone in UK who can buy and ship a pair for you.

It has to siy a type that can cope with being in small box of 2.

Davetone mixcubes

Why do I feel like Disney is telling me it’s a spoonful of sugar that sharpens you up for a bit of the old ultraviolence.

Click to download pdf datasheet.

Forgot to mention, I put some fiber filling from a duvet inside the speakers. This was a combination of dried up paint blobs, cables and panel thickness: Anyway, should just add a millimeter auratine two extra depth to the design to accommodate glue.

Hi Guys, I thought this post was finished, anyway: This is the single most cursed thing I have seen come out if Finnish television https: Thanks for the tip mate!

When I cut digital joints, I use a 6mm end mill — for the male part of the tenon calling it 6mm in your CAM package then cut the female part with the same bit but call idy a 5. On my monitors it sounded fine but on lesser speakers it was too low.


DIY Auratone Complete! | Here is my completed Auratone DIY b… | Flickr

DWGs as the CAM interpreter has often had problems with modified tool types default bits increase in 0. I made them half an inch wider at the front but kept the internal volume the same, using 0.

aurtaone The grooves are just too snugly dimensioned, so every edge did not fit in too neat. OK, speakers arrived today Almost as good as my Tannoys! In my case, I get to send greets to Andy: Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Facebook account.