Crews had to be lifted from their cars after up to 60 hours at the wheel without a break! Half the field was spread across most of Queensland. The high point of his motor sport career came with winning the first Redex Round Australia Reliability Trial in The TC was the only sports car money could buy — and the wait would be two years. In Leyland Australia took over the importation, assembly and sales of Peugeot cars, and in to boost the sales we decided to re-run the event, with Ken Tubman driving a then-current Peugeot STi.

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drivingandlife: Driven Personalities – Ken Tubman

He navigated for me in one rally. Use double quotes to search for a phrase. On first meeting you would wonder where this quiet, unassuming pharmacist was hiding the demon within, who drove the 10, kilometres kfn the Redex Round Australia Trial, and won it on corrected times by 25 seconds! The main difference between the two international competitors was their mode keen transport — Price on the two wheels of a motorcycle and Tubman on four wheels inside a car. The six cylinders fed into a long spindly exhaust pipe which ended in a megaphone.

Cars were stock other than for underbody protection, carburettor, exhaust, lighting and instrument rally. In part it was because most roads west of Adelaide were challenging to say the least.

To Tubman and Marshall the trial had not proved as tiring as it had to others. Stan Jones hit the same grid.


Ken, then 67, sailed through the re-run, taking the whole thing in his stride. His wife and two stepsons survived him. He then studied pharmacy at the University of Sydney —36in his first year winning prizes for botany and chemistry. By then regarded as the senior statesman of Australian rallying, he was noted for sportsmanlike behaviour, including stopping to assist fellow competitors, sometimes at the expense of winning.

Fitting tribute for rally legend Ken Tubman

Tubman embraced the sport enthusiastically. His trial companion, Maitland garage proprietor Kel Ebbeck, with whom he had run in nearly every post-war NSW reliability trial was not available because of family illness.

Second was Possum Kipling in another Holden in Hill aboard a Renault at He had to get the control officials out of bed, he was so early! But on the hot finishing day these two lonely, much travelled bottles were quickly sent off. But both were ground-breaking achievements. The victory established the French marque in Australia and the grateful Australian distributor gave Tubman and Marshall a car each.

Crews had to be lifted from tbman cars after up to 60 hours ttubman the wheel without a break! The challenges began with corrugations, culverts, cattlegrids, washaways, dry creek beds and everything else the vast brown land could throw at them. This is how Wheels told the story of the happy-go-lucky Maitland chemist who won the around-Australia trial much to his own surprise. Ken Tubman and John Marshall take the chequered flag in Sydney.


Ken Tubman | primotipo

His personality was more attractive when people knew kfn his chemist career. In March he became a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Behind him was a nightmare of crashed cars, irate police and horror stories.

Tom Rallh, prominent racer, was fastest in rallg Humber Super Snipe when he emerged from the desert and drove south to Adelaide. McLachlan, one of the favourites, lost two hours 15 minutes with water pump failure on his Customline, but still made the Mackay control on time. Many parts of the route had been by-passed by modern highways, but Ken remembered the old route, and would lead the crew down dusty tracks to find the original road.

But it was his work behind the wheel that first saw the happy-go-lucky pharmacist become prominent in the city.

On retirement Tubman had continued to work as a relieving pharmacist in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle area. Five hours after they had finished the Redex mile tubjan trial Ken Tubman and John Marshall suddenly realised they had a good chance of winning it. He took the highest marks in his first year and came third in his class final exam.