Valencia hosts blockbuster shoot studio wraps up plane chase for ‘Speed’ sequel at area set”. Alex realizes Geiger is controlling the ship. Instead of using stunt doubles , De Bont persuaded Bullock, Patric, and Dafoe to perform their own stunts, so the scenes would appear more realistic; the lead actors were required to engage in physical exercise sessions before and during filming. Time and again it seems like he could of been caught plus he also comes across as someone Bullock could beat in a fight. Concrete was also removed from the buildings and replaced with sand-coated balsa wood so the buildings would “crumble” more effectively after being hit by the rail ship. The final scene, in which the ship crashes into the island of Saint Martin , cost almost a quarter of the budget, and set records as the largest and most expensive stunt ever filmed.

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Sandra Bullock agreed to star in this flop of a sequel in order to get financial backing for a pet project, Hope Floatsa low-budget drama that turned a healthy profit. Patrika Darbo as Ruby Fisher. Colleen Camp as Debbie.

Reeves said that Fox was “furious” with his decision and released “propaganda” against him, falsely claiming that he turned down the role to tour with his band.

May Boss as Passenger No.


The Umbaran and the Lasat | The Umbaran and the Lasat. An Un… | Flickr

Alex Shaw is on a motorcycle chasing a vehicle with stolen goods. News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. Xpeed movie is on schedule, he says.

South Florida Business Journal. Consoles by Rick Broida 8 days ago. Don Pulford as Passenger No.

The Umbaran and the Lasat

Kimmy Robertson as Liza. After viewing the scene where Geiger attaches leeches to his body to cleanse his bloodMancina felt the scene was “so gross” that he wrote a “slimy theme” for the character, which is distinctively different from the rest of the music.

Nancy Collet as Passenger No. You are downloading trial software. Armed with skeet guns, he goes with Juliano to Geiger’s cabin. The film is way more goofy than the first and hardly feels like a real action film at all. The score was recorded by a person orchestra, including Mancina, who performed on a classical guitar on several cues. Retrieved July 3, Kathryn Rossetter as Mother at Condo. Retrieved August 19, Golden Raspberry Award Foundation.

LASAT Credit II – fax / modem Overview – CNET

Retrieved March 17, May 29, Rating: Juliano is ordered by Geiger to evacuate the ship. Mike Hagerty as Harvey. Little does the happy couple know that the disgruntled John Geiger Willem Dafoedesigner of the ship’s computer system, has plotted a violent takeover of the vessel and a diamond hijacking that puts everyone on board in mortal danger. The Globe and Mail. Approximately 30 hoses and the ship’s fire sprinkler system were used to simulate heavy rainfall in the scene.


Production took place aboard Seabourn Legendthe ship on which the film is set. The whole thing is totally juvenile and not in the least bit exciting, and no sticking Patric on il cool spesd chase sequence at the start doesn’t make him look any cooler, just more out of place. He then messes around for no real reason when he could of just gotten away no problem, all this kinda makes the action sequences seem unnecessary and forced.

Would stuff on a ship tend to blow up and cause so much destruction when the electrics go down? Retrieved July 12, Eminent critic Roger Ebertthough, prominently stood in defense of the film, calling it a “truly rousing ocean liner adventure story” only weakened by Bullock’s acting.

A Director Is Born”. Gary Oldman turned apeed the role of the villain, Geiger, to star as another villain in Air Force One