Our testers hit some absolute bombs with the PING G25 , and even when they missed, the highest MOI driver on the mass-market today minimized the damage. I know its not easy both in actually doing the testing and in dealing with the resulting comments. Marcus 5 years ago. I recommend trying it out. Any idea why the odyssey 7 finished 3rd last year and this years model finished last?

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2014 Golf’s Most Wanted Blade: The Results

mugolfspy Then there are the actual profile in shafts you have tested, where one may have suited better than others. This discussion is so silly! Buy Callaway Big Bertha. The Ping seems to come alive in a few testers hands, especially slower swingers. In that scenario, 1 inch or 4 inches…is meaningless on the course.

Wow I am surprised to see the new powerbilt air force on driver ranked so high. Always love your work. So thanks MGS for improving my game again.

MyGolfSpy Most Wanted – Longest Driver

Langbraten74 5 years ago. Perhaps the combination of all three aspects of a putter I would normally not like, to-wit: In the end, no one knows which putter works the best for them until they try it. With current technology most people are not able to achieve those launch conditions. The Best Year for Drivers Ever?


Buy Sinister Agent Orange. Mygolfspj Ping is just so much more consistent though that its more of a golfers club. My goal was just to find a driver that produced consistent results, not to gain yardage. On the 214 hand, I love my gps watch which requires zero effort to find and use and most assuredly speeds the pace of play.

Personally, if I dip into the new driver pool this year, the one that feels the best and delivers the most pleasing trajectory on the range will be coming home. Thanks, and keep up the good work! I thought this one would score better for sure.

Gonna have to go back and give it another try now.

It borders on silly. Incidently, Geek still holds several World LD records….

2014 MOST WANTED – Fairway Wood (Distance Awards)

The average golfer is slightly to strongly negative with the driver. Would really have found it helpful to know what shafts were used….

Are those actual employees or just big fans? This is why I have always been a fan of MGS you guys put in a tremendous effort and time testing equipment as fairly and accurately as possible. Buy Callaway Big Bertha Alpha. I think detail likes these will be an amazing tool to help the readers decide what would be the optimum choice for them.


Thanks for all the work that went into this guys. Jim 5 years ago. Tony, is the accuracy score mygolfspt in each box supposed to say yards or points?

We loved what we saw mygoolfspy a distance perspective particularly in the Beta headand the accuracy numbers, as you can see, are nearly as good as anything else in the test. I have an ancient circa Cleveland dual-rail 13 degree 3-wood that goes off the deck here in Texas.

Not an exact science because there are a lot of variables that will still separate those players from you since golf swings are like snowflakes and fingerprints… There are a lot of moving myygolfspy here really especially for a game that involves hitting a ball that sits in front of you on the ground towards a stationary pin in a hole.

However, your test results are mygilfspy remarkable that I will undoubtedly be spending another hour or so at GS testing the Ketsch.